Never pretentious - just substantial intelligence coming from seasoned professionals

With well over a 100 major solutions delivered, we have accumulated an impressive amount of experience. Our professionals structure and continually improve on that experience to benefit our customers every step of the way.

Our consultancy has naturally developed as Westum gained experience, so it's never pretentious - just substantial intelligence coming from seasoned professionals. That's why there's never confusion with Westum. We are both confident and committed to always provide the clearest possible answers and help you make the most effective decisions.

Companies have come to Westum with as little as "We'd like to invest in an online toy store. What do we need to do?" And we were able to guide them through the entire planning, delivery and deployment cycle to the first order placed. But most of the time, our expertise is applied in line with delivery and support, to help our customers' growth targets and immediate decisions.

Most commonly, we help simplify the complexities:

What is ... ?

It seems that the messaging some vendors in industry use to promote their product or services is starting to work to their detriment. Often customers come to us confused by the overly complex concepts and ask for clarification. Most of the time, there's a simple(r) proposition behind any concept, so we happily unravel the mysteries and place any concept into a larger picture. In so doing we help our customers clearly understand the potential benefits or drawbacks.

Conceptualize, Plan, Deliver

Even the most complex E.Commerce Systems could be conceptualized and comfortably white-boarded, so all stakeholders understand the "big picture". From the initial concepts, we are able to devise a phased plan (including budgets) to turn a conceptual vision into the working system.

Core E.Commerce Platform Selection

Making the wrong E.Commerce Platform decision is one of the costliest decisions any retailer could make. We offer a free analysis of your business plans and/or existing systems to help you determine which platform will best support your expected growth.

Platform Migration Path

Many retailers simply outgrow their existing E.Commerce Platforms and look for a replacement. Westum can help determine which platform will be the most appropriate so your business can scale to its expected level, AND we will devise a coherent plan for a risk-free migration.

Solutions for the Future

In the fast-evolving world of E.Commerce, concepts only talked about today, become reality tomorrow. We are forward-looking and regularly help improve systems with cutting-edge technology.

Web Presence

Based on years of experience, market and customer behavior analysis, Westum has developed a cost effective methodology to help retailers address the key factors for online revenue growth: user experience, site structure, content SEO optimization, marketing campaigns support, etc.

Holistic Services for Singular Engagement



Expertise. Advice. Technology Roadmaps. Platform Selection, Etc.




Creative Design. Function. Purpose. Synergy. Art. Brand Amplification.


Best-in-class Platforms


Demandware. Magento. Hybris. B2C. B2B. Mobile Commerce.


Extending the Core Functionality


Order Management. Marketing. Accounting. Shipping. Etc.


Increasing Revenue


Analytics. SEO. Validation. Content Optimization. Conversion.


24/7 Peace of Mind

Support Services

24/7, Technical Support, Business Process Support, Monitoring, Etc.