Westum is an organization deeply driven by a philosophy of enlightenment and mutual empowerment.

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Senior PHP Developer

PHP. LAMP. MySql. Zend. Linux. Concepts. Energy.


Senior Java Developer

Spring. Java. Web Services. GWT. JEE. Passion.


Demandware Developer

Demandware. Cartridges. Integrations. Pipelines. Communication.


Magento Developer

Magento. E-Commerce. Apache. Zend. MySql. Detail. Team Work.


Hybris Developer

Hybris. Accelerators. Integrations. Spring. Communication.


Front End Developer

HTML. CSS. Responsive. JQuery. Javascript. Layouts. Energy. Detail.


Equal Opportunity Employer

We do not discriminate based on race, age, disabilities, ethnicity, gender and/or sexual orientation. The anti-discriminatory policies apply to our workplace in general, and we maintain 0-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or any other form of abuse at the work place.